Christmas Jam

Christmas Jam

Giving a gift of homemade Jam whether made by you or purchased from here is a special and unique way of showing people you care about that you made a thoughtful choice for them rather than an item that is mass produced.  Food as gifts is also practical and useful.

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Jam Recipes

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Start Where You Are

Welcome to our life here on King’s Heritage Farm! I’ve been encouraged for awhile now to share what I know about homesteading, subsistence farming, working on and off the farm, raising kids, married life and balancing it all but I’ve been reluctant because I didn’t know where to begin! Well, today I said to myself, quit worrying about beginning at the beginning and just start where you are! 

So this will be the beginning of sharing the daily goings on of our life, how and why we do what we do, trials and mistakes, triumphs and success. I am by no means an expert, I’ve just made so many mistakes that I’ve learned how to do this better and smarter. The great thing about mistakes is it gives an opportunity to reflect and try something else, they also make great stories to laugh with family and friends over!

 So welcome to where we are!