Giving Jam as Gifts and 4 other homemade ways to use Jam and Jelly this Holiday Season

Homemade Jam and Jelly ready for giving to hostesses, friends, teaches or co-workers.  


Every holiday season I give Jams and Jellies to friends, family, hostesses,  teachers, co-workers, neighbours and more as gifts. A homemade gift of food is a personal and useful gift for the recipient. Making a gift basket complete with all of the items needed for a gourmet treat is even more special and appreciated. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate homemade Jams or Jellies as gifts.

  1. Choose a jam that pairs well with cheese such as Peach-Jalapeño, add some artisan crackers and a great quality cheese and wrap in an attractive basket, tray or bin. 
  2. Give a Jam that goes with breakfast like Fresh Peach, Strawberry or Grape Jelly, add English Muffins, a gourmet nut spread and place it all in a festive basket, Christmas Holiday Breakfast Basket!
  3. Pick up a brick of cream cheese, some water crackers and a jar of Savory Jelly like Red Pepper, Rhubarb - Jalapeño or Peach -Jalapeño, wrap the items in cellophane on a holiday plate with a wide spreading knife and wrap with a bright ribbon. Give as a hostess gift to serve as an appetizer. 


And 4 More ways to use homemade preserves this Holiday Season!

1.  Make an appetizer platter with gourmet meats, a variety of cheeses, grapes, crackers and Red Pepper Jelly And Peach Jalapeño Jelly.

2. Fill mini tart shells with a variety of different jams for a homemade old fashioned holiday treat!  Fill each mini tart shell with a different flavour of sweet homemade jam, bake at 350 for approximately 12minutes. 


Jam Filled Mini Tarts for a hostess, coworkers or a quick homemade holiday treat

3. Top a wheel of Brie with a unique flavour such as Christmas Jam and bake for 20 mins in a 325 degree oven. Serve with a variety of crackers.  

4. Make Christmas cookies or squares! Strawberry Jam filled Linzer Cookies, my all time favourite holiday cookie! 

Christmas Jam

Christmas Jam

Giving a gift of homemade Jam whether made by you or purchased from here is a special and unique way of showing people you care about that you made a thoughtful choice for them rather than an item that is mass produced.  Food as gifts is also practical and useful.

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