My Immunotherapy Journey - Diagnosis and Prognosis

The allergist, a soft spoken older man,  called me in to discuss my results. After rehashing the events of the day that landed me in his office I was waiting for him to tell me that I would have to give up beekeeping. But, the most unexpected thing happened, he said “I wouldn’t expect you to stop caring for bees if you don’t want to”. What?! Not at all what I was expecting to hear! He relayed to me that immunotherapy for venom has been in practice in North America for over 70 years with very good results! Multiple shots of small amounts of bee venom would be injected into my arm once a week for several months to build immunity. He said it could take a few years of therapy but immunity is very possible! 

I was elated! Sign me up! 




That’s me, weeks before my reaction, blissfully unaware! ❤️🐝